“The work we’re doing will impact the experiences of clients in underserved communities and transform the way mental health services are provided in DFW.”
Dr. Angie Cartwright



In September of 2017, Drs. Angie Wilson, Chandra Carey, and Peggy Ceballos were awarded a $1.2 million dollar grant funded by the Department of Health and Human Services for the Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training (BHWET) Program.  The team welcomed Kimmalla Mitchell as the Project Coordinator in December 2017.

The collaboration bridged the different counseling programs at the University to involve the Department of Counseling and Higher Education and the Department of Rehabilitation and Health Services (UNT-CHE-RHS) to present a joint effort in training student counselors. This partnership allows any student counselor in both programs to apply for the project.

The project entitled “Expanding Cultural and Linguistically Appropriate Services into Integrated Care and Behavioral Health Settings” (ICBH Project) is a four-year project designed to address health disparities by enhancing the delivery of culturally competent mental health (MH) services to Medically Underserved Communities (MUCs) in Behavioral Health (BH) and Integrated Care (IC) settings.

The project leaders place special emphasis on establishing or expanding internships or field placement programs in behavioral health that include interdisciplinary training for students/interns, Faculty, field supervisors, and personnel at partnership sites to provide quality behavioral health services to communities in need. Over the course of the grant, 80 counseling student interns will have the opportunity to participate in the project, and will receive multicultural and integrated care training.